The ten most Instagramable spots of Leuven!

Discovering a city is always a lot of fun! Taking some lovely pictures to go along with it and share with your friends is definitely a lovely part of the experience. However, not every spot has that certain something which makes your picture simply magical. We have selected our ten favourite Instagramspots for when you come to visit our hometown Leuven (which we seriously recommend ;)).

Small Beguinage

32468058_1621718501211330_5452972164984602624_oThe cute white houses, cobblestone street, the beautiful plants and flowers and the Saint Gertrudechurch in the background… This cosy street is the definition of picturesque! Make sure to shoot your picture in the direction of the church as this really is the cherry on top of your picture.

Great Beguinage

28828557_1561864013863446_8903781898673005818_oThe Great Beguinage might be one of the most Instagramable spots in the city. Every corner in this little town inside the city is picturesque and will just take you back in time.

Pieter De Somersquare

27624918_1524696930913488_2849031561821256739_oTake a picture from the Pieter De Somerplein in the direction of the Grote Markt and you get a lovely collection of Leuven highlights as well as a gorgeous contrast between historical and modern.

Botanical Garden


Lots of symmetry and flowers, what more do you need to spice up your Instagramfeed? 😉

Roofterrace M Museum

158 Museum MWe absolutely love the roof terrace of the M Museum in Leuven. High above the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, you get to look over the rooftops of Leuven and get an astonishing view over the University Library at the Ladeuzesquare.

University Library

16836226_1221489481234236_4247054681948933009_o.jpgThe library isn’t only stunning on the outside, but also on the inside. This hub of wisdom and knowledge is simply gorgeous and a lovely location to snap some pictures.


36865289_1692256420824204_5384578706331140096_o.jpgThe up and coming neighbourhood Vaartkom has the perfect hip and trendy vibe you want for your picture! It’s great to see how the old industrial buildings have found a second life.


37592104_1705245132858666_4469897160732704768_oHow cute and romantic is this little park? The bridge over the little pond looks like it ran away out of a classic romantic movie… Perfect for a romantic shot!


13958272_1043436719039514_3783003641756809412_o.jpgColourful, cute, cool street art, … It has all the elements for that perfect Instagrampic you want.

Park Abbey

15069137_1119125784803940_1994379226206160968_o.jpgLast but definitely not least!!  The gorgeous Abdij van Park is surrounded by a couple of lakes and fields. You can get a lovely picture of this abbey from multiple points of view without anything obstructing your view.

Want us to check out your Instagramfeed? Leave a link in the comments! 😀

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