The proposal…

This post will be written by me, Thomas, as Lynn obviously had no idea about all the planning that was behind this proposal! That might have been one of the hardest parts: not being able to include your soulmate in decisions you know are very important to her! I needed four things: a ring (obviously), a date, an original way to do it and a location.

The Ring

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-25 at 17.22.51
For all of you who just need to see the ring! πŸ˜‰

I started planning the proposal about two months before actually popping the question. And with starting I mean visiting jewelry stores and browsing the internet for ring inspiration. I knew I wanted a classic design with a bit of an edge to it. When I passed along the Vander Avort jewelry store in Leuven, my attention was immediatly grabbed by one particular ring! I knew this was going to be the one. Inside the store they showed me some similar rings in the same price range and style, but none of them were able to change my mind. I brought along one of Lynn’s rings she never wears anymore for the size and a month later I was able to pick up this fine piece of jewelry. Time for the next chapter of my plan!

The Date

This was the easiest part: I told Lynn to block a certain day in her agenda so we could go out on a trip for About Something Around. Having this blog was such a big advantage! We could go to any gorgeous location without her becoming suspicious of what we were going to do there. This immediatly gave me an idea of the way I was going to ask her.

The How

Lynn and I LOVE looking at the videos and pictures we made of special moments such as our travels. This is such a lovely way to relive a certain memory. Our bungy jump is the best example for this: it’s such a big and scary moment, something you will remember for the rest of your life. However it also happens very quickly and due to the adrenaline it seems to happen even faster, so you might not remember all the details which made it such a great experience. We have rewatched our bungy jump videos countless of times already now and each time we felt that rush again. That fear, joy and adrenaline. I knew I wanted this for the proposal as well… but how?Β 

I figured I’d disguise the entire day as a blogday. That way Lynn wouldn’t think twice about the fact that we were filming and taking pictures the entire day. My plan was to find a beautiful yet quiet spot where I could put our camera on a tripod and just let it film us for a while. This on it’s own wasn’t that hard, but I just had to hope no one would walk in front of our camera or worse… steal it! So it really had to be a quiet spot. More on this later!

Now you know how we were able to take this iconic picture! πŸ˜€

Alright, I knew how I would film it… but how would I propose? I didn’t just want to drop to my knee and suddenly ask her. I’ve been a longtime fan of Wheezy Waiter on YouTube and I found some inspiration in the way he proposed to his wife in this video. I did my own take on this idea and decided I’d write a love letter for Lynn where the first letter of each sentence would spell out: “Will you marry me?” (but in Dutch of course so: “Wil je met mij trouwen?”). At the end of the letter I wrote that she needed to read those first letters to form a sentence.

The Location

I had found a list online of some of the prettiest villages in Wallonia. I picked out the village of Celles and looked around a bit to see what we could do in the area as well. We could visit the Castle of VΓͺves as well or Dinant… I had a few options in mind of where I could pop the question. This way I had a couple of backup plans in case it was too crowded or something else that could ruin the proposal. Lynn had also looked around what we could do on our blogday and had found a few great spots as well. Nothing could go wrong now.

The Proposal!

Just look at how stunning Tournai is!

Alright! Proposalday! I had been planning it for two months and now the moment had finally arrived! I entered Celles in our GPS and drove all the way over there… to discover that there are two villages named Celles and we of course drove to the wrong one… Now what? We noticed the city of Tournai was closeby so we decided to go pay that a visit as well, which was actually a great idea! We were so surprised by how beautiful this city is! We will definitely go back here a different day when we have a bit more time.

We were happy we were having such a great time in Tournai, but meanwhile I was thinking “This is way too crowded for my plan! We need to go somewhere else as well…” We started thinking on where we could go next and Lynn suggested the Castle of Beloeil. She had found this castle when she was looking around for ideas for our blogday earlier. It wasn’t too far away so that’s where we went next.

Beloeil was absolutely perfect! It was a gorgeous castle with an enormous park surrounding it. Plus, there was a small entrance fee to the park as well so there wouldn’t be too many people wandering around in it. We visited the park and when I found a beautiful spot near the water with a view on the castle, I just knew the moment had come to put my plan into motion. I suggested the idea of letting the camera film us for a bit to see what kind of footage we could get out of it. Lynn agreed! I had the camera rolling for a while and my nerves were starting to rise. I was keeping an eye on the small amount of people wandering by and when I saw that it would be quiet for the next five to ten minutes I decided it was time.

20180729_154811I gave Lynn the love letter and asked her to read it out loud. At first she was just very happy to receive such a romantic letter, but she also started noticing how I wrote more and more about a future together. When she finished the letter and started reading the first letters of each sentence out loud I dropped to my knee. When she was done I asked her: “Lynn, will you marry me?” and well… you already know the answer to that question! πŸ˜‰ It was a moment full of joyful tears, trembling hands and absolute happiness.

I had never been nervous about what she was going to answer as we both just know we are each others soulmates and really want to spend the rest of our lives together. The surprise of a proposal should be in how and when it happens. The answer is something you both should actually already know. πŸ™‚

We spent about another hour in the park, happily talking about the proposal, about our marriage and our future together. We finished our day with visiting our parents and telling them about what we did that day. πŸ˜‰

I just look forward so much to our future together…

17 thoughts on “The proposal…

  1. First things first… congratulations to both of you for the new journey ahead. It takes a lot to share your most intimate feelings with others. Glad you penned each and every word with such ease and perfection. I was actually going through a visual tour as if I was present at the proposal. Impressive πŸ‘πŸ‘

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