After two years, it is time to change things up!

Yeey! Happy birthday About Something Around! Two years ago we started this blog and are very happy with the progress we’ve made so far. Back when we started out we did things a lot differently than we do now and it’s time to change it up some more.

Our time with the blog has been one of trial and error. Some new things we tried out, we liked a lot! For example we really loved the videos we started making for YouTube. Some other things were less succesful, but hey, you can’t always get what you want, right?


Our first change will be to our Facebookpage. During these two years we have always wondered how to make proper use of this page. In reality it was just a copy of our Instagrampage but on another medium. This has never really taken off. Knowing we have about 4.000 more followers on our Instagram than on our Facebook says enough really.

Therefore it is now time for a change! First of all, we won’t be posting the same things on our Facebook anymore as we are on our Instagram. You may have noticed that we stopped doing it about a week ago. Instagram is a very visual medium and will remain our main spot for our photos, so if you want to keep on seeing our pictures you can just follow us there. Now you may wonder: what will become of the Facebookpage? This will become more of a spot for interaction. We might ask you for some advice or a few questions on your travel experiences for example. We will also share links to articles, videos, … from ourselves obviously, but also from other blogs or websites. If someone posts something we think can be useful to you guys, we’ll let you know over here. 

You might have some other suggestions yourself on what you would want to see on our Facebookpage. We would love to hear them here in the comments or you can of course message us on Facebook.


We really love the way how our Instagram is working right now and we won’t change this up too much. However, we have one big change we would love to introduce! It’s time to create the hashtag #aboutsomethingaround! Share some of the beauty around yourself and use our hashtag, that way we all get to enjoy it! And there is more to it than that: our favorites will get featured in our Instagram stories from time to time so you might get some more followers along the way as well.


This website will also remain the same in content but we are going to increase the quantity. It has been difficult in 2018 to find enough time to write the articles we want, because we had to get our lives back on track in Belgium after our New Zealand adventure. But now our house is all settled in, we have jobs and can put more energy into doing what we like: About Something Around! So you can expect more of this coming your way soon!

Quick summary: where can I find which content?

Instagram: Very regular pictures alongside an interesting caption. This is where we are the most active.

Facebook: The main place to stay up to date on our own articles and videos as well as from other bloggers and websites we really like. We also want this to become a place of interaction where you can share your own travel experiences as well as some advice.

YouTube: Whenever we go on a big trip we will make a compilation video for you to really suck up the atmosphere of those places. We personally love these videos and are certain you will as well!

Website: Here we will post regular, extensive articles. This can be about travel, about our blog or major life changes. Grab a cup of tea, sit down and enjoy!

Your input

Finally, we would love to hear your ideas as well! This blog is nothing without you, its followers. So if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see or tips on how we could improve About Something Around, we would genuinely love to hear them! You can find all our contact information here or you can just leave a comment on this article. 🙂

Hope to hear from all of you soon!

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