One of our favorite outdoors activities in Leuven!

Summer is around the corner! In a lively city like Leuven, that means: time for having a drink on one of the many, many terraces! We know that with an extensive number of outdoor pubs it can be quite a task to pick the one that fits your needs most. That is why we created a list with a few of our favorite ones to help you get started.

De Blauwe Schuit

blauwe schuit
No better place to find a bit of peace and quiet alongside a nice drink.

We immediately start of this list with one of our favorite terraces in Leuven! A city can be quite busy and sometimes it might even seem impossible to find a bit of peace and quiet in all this hustle and bustle. This is where ‘De Blauwe Schuit’ really stands out as they really did their best to create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. When entering the establishment, you would never expect their terrace to be this lovely garden. You’ll find lots of green, a little fountain and even… a peacock! No joke! They really offer something for everybody as they have a reasonably prized, yet extensive menu including some lovely homemade ice-tea’s!

Address: Vismarkt 16, Leuven


This up and coming neighbourhood is a very cool place to be!

Let’s switch it up and head to the hip and trendy neighbourhood ‘De Vaartkom’. Here you can find ‘OPEK’, a meeting place for all kinds of art forms including literature, photography and acting. This interesting venue offers a roomy terrace alongside the water where you can order simple, but tasty meals and drinks. Enjoy your sunny afternoon underneath the festive little flags hanging above you, which do add that extra touch.

Address: Vaartkom 4, Leuven

De Hoorn

de hoorn
Where better to drink a Stella than at its birthplace?

Before ‘De Vaartkom’ became the artistic center of Leuven, it was the main industrial area of the city. Here you find the brewery ‘De Hoorn’ which dates back to 1923 and created the famous Stella Artois beer in 1926. Without a doubt, you need to drink a Stella Artois when visiting Leuven. Why not do it at its birthplace? The terrace looks over the recently opened ‘Sluispark’ and the old Saint Gertrude church. In short, the perfect place to enjoy a drink and watch past and present collide!

Address: Sluisstraat 79, Leuven

De Werf

de werf
A very popular place and with good reason!

Next up: ‘De Werf’! Leuven is a student city, and ‘De Werf’ is one of those places all the students know! They offer a reasonably prized menu and an alternative vibe where they bring you coffee in a thermos, cookies in a lunch box and if you order fresh orange juice, you get to squeeze it yourself. Their terrace is an immediate eyecatcher on the ‘Hogeschoolplein’ and one of the coziest places to catch up with your friends. One of our favorite things on the menu is definitely ‘ballekes met tomatensoep’ where you get more balls than soup in your bowl. Perhaps the only downside to this wonderful spot is that it it’s closed in the weekends.

Address: Hogeschoolplein 5, Leuven

Bar Del Sol

bar del sol
A little bit of Spain in Leuven.

The sunshine is out and you are looking for an impeccable summer drink. That’s when you need to head to ‘Bar Del Sol’ for a fresh batch of sangria. You can share a good sized pitcher with some friends. While sipping your drink, you’ll feel as if you’re sitting on a Spanish patio. The small and cute terrace is located a bit further from the busy streets of Leuven. It’s a great spot to combine with your visit to the Grand Beguinage.

Address: Schapenstraat 105, Leuven


What about a tasty craft beer at the Domus brewery?

Conveniently located close to the historical city hall, you’ll run into the Domus brewery. Domus combines its brewery with a bar, restaurant and of course a lovely terrace on the ‘Vounckplein’. They serve three wonderful craft beers: the Con Domus, the Nostra Domus and a seasonal beer. We would recommend you to purchase a sampler: a wooden rack with three glasses of their own ale. Our personal favorite is the Nostra Domus, but you will have to taste for yourself! Let us know in the comments which is your favorite one.

Address: Tiensestraat 8, Leuven

De Oude Markt

oude markt
The longest bar of the world is the hotspot for a drink in Leuven!

And last but definitely not least: ‘de Oude Markt’, also known as the longest bar OF THE WORLD! The square is almost entirely surrounded by bars and restaurants, each with their own terrace. If you want the full Leuven experience, you definitely should come here for a drink. It’s almost impossible to pick out one bar to recommend, but that’s also the charm of the ‘Oude Markt’ as you can never go wrong.

Address: Oude Markt, Leuven

There you have it: all our favorite patios of Leuven all combined in one line up. Do you agree with our list? Do you have any recommendations of your own? Please let us now in the comments! And most of all: cheers! 😉

15 thoughts on “One of our favorite outdoors activities in Leuven!

  1. Pieter

    I recommend café Carlisse, on the corner of Arendstraat and Leopold I street. In summertime, the sun stays longer than on any other terrace in Leuven. The audience is a pleasant mix between young and old. I enjoy the homemade icetea. There are also (a lot of) diverse types of gin, with or without tonic 🙂

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