This is why you should travel with your lover!

We have been on some very different trips as a couple: romantic city breaks, endless road trips and even a recent adventurous working holiday on the other side of the planet. One constant in these adventures was that we were very happy that we didn’t do them alone and had our favorite person in the world right next to us! We would love to share some of the reasons why we believe your life partner is also your best travel partner.Β 

1) Always someone next to you who knows you through and through

Getting to enjoy this magnificent view over Russell and Paihia together in New Zealand.

Traveling with your significant other is a privilege! You get to travel with your best friend, someone who knows the way you think and what you like and dislike. It’s a comforting feeling to have someone next to you who values your thoughts and interests and without saying a word knows what you need.

2) It’s a great way to see if the two of you are really a match

When you travel as a couple, you are literally 24/7 together! For us, our first time traveling together was absolutely a dream come true and we couldn’t wait to go on our next journey. However, if the two of you aren’t the best fit, all this time together can be rather stressful and turn out into a lot of fighting. Not really a great sign for the future obviously… So a trip together is a great way to find out.

3) The absolute best couple pictures!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-25 at 16.22.10
Can you have a better picture together than one where you watch the Northern Lights in Iceland?

Your Instagram will be ON FIRE! πŸ˜‰ A couple picture in your own garden is nice obviously, but with the Eifeltower, an exotic beach or any other jaw-dropping scene in the background, your pictures will be absolutely next level!

4) Two heads are better than one

No trip is perfect and you are bound to come across some kind of problem. You certainly have your own experiences with this! However, when you are traveling as a couple, you get to discuss the pros and cons together and think of the best solution. Especially considering what we said earlier about your partner being someone who knows you through and through and knows what is important to you!

5) It strengthens your bond

By going on an adventure together, you need to rely on each other so trust and communication are the key to success. When you get to take these skills back home, it can strengthen your relationship enormously.

6) Someone to share your experiences with during and after your trip

Lynn flying a plane over Lake Wanaka.png
Who else would want to hear for the 10.000th time that you flew a plane for the first time? πŸ˜€

Other people might find your travelstories interesting the first time, maybe the second time but by the third time they can say β€œWE KNOW!” How often we have been talking to each other and reminiscing about that amazing bungyjump in Queenstown, that relaxing hammam in Malaga or our road trip adventures of Iceland… It’s simply impossible to count!

7) You get to rediscover each other outside of your daily routine

Let’s be fair, your daily life of work, chores, seeing friends, … can become quite the routine and you often float through life on automatic pilot. However when you travel, you can’t rely on past experiences and you and your partner can act a little different than you usually do. This way you get to know each other even better!

8) Safety first!

Obviously, traveling with your partner benefits your safety in a lot of ways. You can watch each others stuff when you want to take a nap or go to the bathroom, you have someone who can take care of you when you are ill and walking through an unknown city at night is a little less scary. It’s nice to have someone next to you who has your back.

9) You get to try out more food

For foodies like us, this is a big one! Just both order a different meal and have a taste of what your partner has. You can even go full on 50/50 with your meals to have the most variation! We have certainly benefited a lot from this advantage of traveling as a couple! πŸ˜€

10) You get to do things you otherwise wouldn’t

109 Gibraltar.png
Turns out we weren’t the only monkeys in Gibraltar! πŸ˜‰

When you travel with your partner, you get to do some stuff you don’t necessarily would have thought of to do. Perhaps our daytrip to Gibraltar from Malaga or our night on Stewart Island in New Zealand might not have been on the menu if one of us didn’t convince the other! And both were such great experiences where we created some lovely memories together.

Do you know some more advantages of traveling as a couple? Or do you have some stories to share where you truly benefited from one of the advantages we just listed above? We would love to hear about it in the comments! πŸ˜€

9 thoughts on “This is why you should travel with your lover!

  1. Awesome post! I am always jotting down reasons why I love travelling with my lover! I really like that you acknowledged how simply great it is to have someone to share your amazing experiences with. When we talk with people about our travels, we basically finish each others sentences because we are excited about the same things. For us, It also cuts down on that 2018 need to need to capture everything by picture, because you someone right there with you to share with and keep the memory alive.

    Another big one for me that I blogged once, is that I love surprising him. When we started our travels this year, my boyfriend saw the ocean for the first time on his 28th birthday. It was such a fun experience to be there for that first experience πŸ™‚


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  2. It must be nice to be privileged enough to have a significant other to travel with.

    Seriously, though, while there’s nothing here that I outright disagree with, I’ve also come to realize, as life has moved on and I have remained alone, that “I’ll go there someday, on my honeymoon, or when I have a wife/etc. to travel with” is probably not the best excuse for putting off an experience. I’ve never been to Hawaii, for example, because I’ve always thought it seemed more like the kind of place where you don’t travel alone. But I might never get the chance to go with that attitude.

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