Our top three unforgettable travel experiences!

Despite still having so many new destinations on our travel bucket list, we do already have quite some travel experience under our belts! These have given us some great memories, some funny, some sad, some beautiful, some hard… But they all have one thing in common: they make great stories. When we were reminiscing about our past trips, we concluded there are a few events that are a little more special to us and that we would love to share with you guys… So without further ado: here they are!

A magical night in Iceland

82 Valentijn (onbewerkt)ps1
A quick stop besides the road during our wonderful road trip.

In September 2016 we did a road trip around the land of fire and ice, Iceland. Coming across waterfalls, natural hot pools, geysers, volcanoes… we have seen plenty of amazing things. You could say that this entire road trip was one unforgettable travel experience! However we experienced one particular moment that topped all of the other moments… On the 11th of September 2016 we witnessed the magical Northern Lights in Reykjahlíð near Lake Mývatn! Just the world ‘magical’ doesn’t even cut it! Magical, mystical, romantic, you name it!

We had very much been hoping to spot these lights, but you can never be sure. It all depends on the clouds, the light the moon reflects and the aurora activity. We had an app on our phone that told us the weather forecast and aurora activity each day. Every day it was too cloudy to see anything, but on that particular evening all of the pieces fell together: barely any clouds, not a lot of moonlight and a strong aurora activity! We waited in the cold for about an hour, wearing lots of warm clothes and with our camera in our hands. Suddenly we saw something appearing in the sky: it looked a bit like a bright cloud as the aurora still had a white color. We weren’t sure what it was at first but we kept following it and wondering. The bright cloud started looking greener and greener and before we knew it we were watching some amazing green lights dancing in the sky! We must have been watching them for an hour or two because suddenly we didn’t feel the cold anymore, we were just so stunned with this pure, natural beauty…

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-25 at 16.22.10
Watching the green northern lights dancing in front of our eyes!

A romantic moment in Italy

Our trip to Rome was all about romance!

Our first trip together as a couple was back in June 2015 to the beautiful city of Rome. We had plenty of romantic moments such as having dinner in great Italian restaurants or eating a delicious gelato every day (or twice a day…). We absolutely fell in love with Rome as there is so much to see and do here. Literally around every corner is a story to discover!

Our hotel was in the Via della Conciliazione, the road leading up to Vatican City, so we spent a lot of time in this area. One evening, after a long, hot day of wandering through the busy city center we visited one of the many delicious Italian restaurants. With a full belly we walked back to our hotel and along the way we came across a little store where we bought ourselves a tiny bottle of wine and two cups. The Saint-Peter’s Square might be packed with people during the day, but in the evening it gets a lot more deserted and cozy. We sat here on some steps underneath the giant obelisk where we enjoyed our cup of white wine along with some great conversation on this warm, summer evening surrounded by some of the most spectacular, historical buildings in the world…

2015-06-24 23
The wine might have been just in cups, but that didn’t kill the romantic mood!

Living off the grid in New Zealand

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-25 at 17.50.41
We absolutely loved the five hunting dogs!

We have just spent about five months in New Zealand from September 2017 to January 2018 so obviously we have plenty of unforgettable experiences from this amazing trip! However when people ask us about our time in this gorgeous country and ask us what we enjoyed the most, we tend to always agree on the same experience: our WWOOF-job in a lodge in the Marlborough Sounds.

There aren’t any roads leading up to this place, so you can’t reach it by car. You can get here by either hiking the Queen Charlotte Track or by boat. The closest actual town was Picton which was about two or three hours of sailing away. We learned a lot here about self-sufficient living as we were for example taught how to fish and how to prepare it afterwards. Another example: to get some eggs we had to hike for an hour to a farm a bit further down the Queen Charlotte Track. We absolutely loved our hosts and their five hunting dogs. We shared a lot of great food, great wine and great moments which we will cherish forever.

We are very curious to hear about your most memorable travel experiences. Don’t forget to share them in the comments below!

Waking up to a sight like this… can it get any better?

20 thoughts on “Our top three unforgettable travel experiences!

  1. These moments sound amazing! I think two of my favorites were in Indonesia last year. One was trekking in Sumatra and seeing Orangutans in the wild, including a large male who just hung out and let us take his picture. The second was scuba diving in Komodo and laying on the ocean floor, fingers dug into the ground to stay still during the tide, and watching giant manta rays do a mating dance over my head, often so close I couldn’t even take pictures. The third one was hiking up Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka. It was a 7.5 hour hike starting at 2 a.m.. It was magical, hard as hell, and one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Oh and fourth, volunteering in Honduras at a tiny school on a tiny island for 6 months. I learned more than I taught and grew a heart ten times its normal size with all the love from the families.

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  2. Amazing! Love the New Zealand story. We’ve just been there, although only for a few weeks. Loved the south island so much. We weren’t as remote as you but it still felt so separate from the rest of the world. Great to hear about your adventures!


  3. Oh wow, New Zeeland and Ireland definitely look appealing😍 top trips for us where our USA southwest roadtrip two years ago, Valletta citytrip earlier this years and we try to go to Lenk Switzerland every two years, I always feel at home there, which is a good sign, right?!

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  4. DailyDazzle.nl

    The iceland experience looks amazing! It is my dream to see the country + the Northern lights one day. But for now, after my 5 month trip to Australia, New-Zealand an Bali, I don’t have any money left. So sad enough it’ll probably take a few years..

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