Christmas shopping for the travel lover in your life!

Only one week left before Christmas and you still might have to do some last minute Christmasshopping! Do you have a person in your life that just loves to travel and you really want to give them something they can get use out of during their trips? Then this is the post for you and you will definitely want to keep on reading! Of course these tips and tricks aren’t only relevant for Christmas, feel free to use them for any special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary etc… Let’s get right into it!

1) A powerbank

Bank 14ps1

In our opinion a powerbank is one of the MOST HANDY items a traveler can carry. The possibilities are endless: they can charge their phone multiple times when they are taking a long haul flight, so when they arrive they will still have some battery left to check out Google Maps to find their hotel or to call a taxi, they can just charge their powerbank in their shared hosteldorm and keep their more valuable phone in a safe place at night, they might be stuck in a jungle for a few days with no electricity but still want to charge their camera to take pictures etc… As you can see, it is a very handy tool indeed that you must keep with you for any kind of travel!

2) A world adaptor

c73b9ea2-3786-4392-8f89-740be487da1c.jpgIf you know they love to travel outside of their country, an adaptor is a very useful thing to have. Around the world, lots of places have different kind of plugs. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination and not be able to charge any of your electronics because you forgot to bring the correct adaptor. A world adaptor is especially handy if you know your favorite human will be going on a trip around multiple continents, but they can also be quite bulky so you’re also able to get a specific adaptor if you prefer.

3) Scratch world map

This special gift you might have seen pop up before, but there is a reason why it is so popular! There is something about visually seeing the places you have discovered around the world on a map that makes us (and a ton of other travelers!) very happy. It is also a great tool to spark motivation to go out and discover new places of this beautiful planet.

4) Travel Jewel

ef48e2d6-9339-414a-8a53-8cc9580f96dd (1)

Our next tip will not work for everyone, as not all people like to wear jewels. But if you know that the person you are spoiling this Christmas likes to wear jewelry, this is a great gift. Nowadays you can find earrings, rings, necklaces, pins etc in cute travel themes. What about some cute little airplane stud earrings? A necklace with a gorgeous globe hanging on it? A ring showcasing a golden compass? You can find so many combinations in so many different stores!

5) E-reader

This one is more on the splurge side, we know, we know… But if you are planning on spending some big cash on a special person this Christmas, an e-reader is really one of the best presents they can receive! If you know they like to read, but they also like to backpack around South-East Asia for example, they will struggle to find a good balance. With an e-reader you can solve this problem. They can still enjoy their favorite books, but download the amount of books they think they’ll need on their device and not have to worry about adding any weight into their backpacks. Perfect!

There you have it, our ideas for five of the best presents a travel lover could receive. We wish you lots of luck finding the best possible gift and most of all a very merry Christmas!

Have you ever gotten any of these gifts and did you enjoy them? Or have you ever given any of these to someone? Let us know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Christmas shopping for the travel lover in your life!

  1. My kindle was a great help to me when travelling but it has since given me the final sigh of death so I’ve been making do with the app on my phone since. It’s not the same but I would say I’ve adjusted to reading on my phone compared to my kindle. I would love if someone were to give me a gift card for me instead to buy more books on kindle…I hope Santa’s listening somewhere 😉


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