One year of blogging and we have a major change to announce!

One year ago we started ‘About Something Around’ with our very first post! Living in the city of Leuven, Belgium we noticed that there is so much beauty around us that we simply walked passed every day. We wanted to share both this beauty around us in our hometown as well as on our travels. We started talking more and more about it during a walk around the lake of Park Abbey and knew we really wanted to do something with this shared passion! So our blog was born: About Something Around.

32 HerfstwandelingNow one year later, we are both so proud of how far we have come! We have grown so much as writers, photographers, graphical designers, travellers and social media enthusiasts! Or let’s be honest: social media addicts! 😉 And we had so much fun doing all of this. We took trips around Belgium to big cities as Antwerp or Brussels or the smaller corners of the country by going to the Abbey of Orval or the Baarle-Hertog/Baarle-Nassau border. We visited Iceland, Spain, The Netherlands, Lithuania and even the monkeys in tiny Gibraltar! Being able to go on such great adventures and share it all with you and perhaps even inspire you to go to those places as well, has been absolutely amazing.

Not only do we believe we have grown as bloggers, our blog improved over the last twelve months as well! We had two major website updates since the start (you have no idea how bad our first website looked in comparison to our current one!), one major logo change (and we are working on another, more permanent one, so if you have suggestions feel free to send them our way!) and learned a lot from trial and error on using social media and which social media works best for us. More of you have started following us than we could have anticipated one year ago, so thank you! Without your support, this blog would be nothing! 🙂

120 Zon & Palmbomen

One year after our first post, we have a major change to announce! So far we have posted a lot about Belgium and especially our hometown Leuven, but this will change come September 1st. With the help of the travel agency Jobstop, we will be travelling to gorgeous New Zealand for about six months! We applied for a Working Holiday visa, so we will be exploring the country as well as spend time working there to finance our adventure. 

Of course our New Zealand adventure will be covered in detail on About Something Around! So you will be able to go along our journey with us. If you have ever been to New Zealand or know just know of some must-see locations there: please let us know! 😀 Any help to make this journey even better, is more than welcome! You can write a comment on this post or contact us at any of our other channels.

One amazing year has passed and we have another amazing year to look forward to! Who knows what we will be able to look back on on August 15th, 2018! 😀

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47 thoughts on “One year of blogging and we have a major change to announce!

  1. Rosa De Raes

    “Le talent c’est avoir l’envie de faire quelque chose… et ensuite de le faire” -Jacques Brel-

    Zoals vele mensen, beste Thomas en Lynn, hebben jullie een droom; zoals weinigen geven jullie er structuur en vorm aan én gaan hem realiseren. Ik voelde al eerder en vaak in ‘About Something Around’ dat jullie de smaak te pakken hebben. Net zoals iemand de smaak van zwarte chocolade, de smaak van wrange vissoep apprecieert… willen jullie reizen, ontdekken en ervaren. En eveneens zoals weinigen, doen jullie dat op hét juiste moment in jullie leven en samen ! En dat is heel belangrijk ! Het zal pas rond jullie 40ste verjaardag (of ouder) zijn, dat jullie dit écht zullen beseffen en waarderen.
    Ik denk dat een mens van nature een nomade is. Hij is gemaakt om te verkennen, te exploreren; om te gaan piepen of het gras aan de overkant inderdaad groener is…Hij wil de gewone dagelijkse dingen achter zich laten, over de heuvels klimmen, de overkant van ‘zijn’ wereld zien.

    Jullie gaan er voor, beste Lynn en Thomas ! Proficiat !!!!

    Nieuw Zeeland is de brousse of de woestijn niet. Maar toch, maar toch, deze goeie raad van tante Kaat :
    1. gebruik altijd jullie verstand en wees voorzichtig ;
    2. neem altijd en overal water mee ;
    3. zorg voor jezelf én voor elkaar.

    Ik ga jullie volgen in gedachte. En weet, een dikke tikkel ‘jaloezie’ op jullie half jaar in spe is mij niet vreemd. Ik wens jullie succes op de meest diverse vlakken. Reizen was destijds voor mij heel graag terug thuiskomen en massa’s vertrouwen ontwikkelen in mensen. Ik wens jullie idem ervaringen.
    Het ga jullie goed !

    Rosa De Raes.

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    1. Hey Rosa!

      Wij zijn ook ontzettend blij dat we deze stap hebben genomen en hebben durven nemen. Het was een ‘nu-of-nooit’ beslissing en wij zijn er inderdaad ook van overtuigd dat we hier heel ons leven nog met trots en voldoening op zullen kunnen terugkijken.

      We zullen je goede raad uiteraard nauwlettend opvolgen en over enkele maanden veilig en wel terug aankomen in België, waar we dan in geuren en kleuren zullen kunnen vertellen over ons avontuur!

      Bedankt voor het hartverwarmende berichtje, Rosa!

      Thomas & Lynn


  2. You do a lovely blog so thought I’d follow you! I live in Dunedin, NZ. Hope you’re intending to visit the South Island as its an incredible experience. I was born and grew up in the North Island but far prefer life down here! Plenty of vineyards and wine in Central Otago!

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    1. Aw thank you! Yes we are planning to visit as much as NZ as possible and the South Island and Dunedin are obviously both on our checklist 😄 as winelovers we intend to visit as many vineyards as possible! We went to Stonyridge Vineyard on Waiheke Island and loved it very much. If you have any more suggestions on what we should see or do: always welcome 😄

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  3. Je moet zeker de Waitomo glowworm caves bezoeken op het Noord-eiland! Geen excursie met een bootje maar zelf wandelen, zwemmen en tubing in de ondergrondse grotten met de extra-plus: de glimwormen! Ik ga zeker jullie volgen op jullie avontuur omdat dit land een speciaal plaatsje in mijn hart gekregen heeft en ik zeker nog eens wil terug gaan.

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  4. Exciting times indeed! I spent 15 months in NZ in the North Island only. There is so much to see. I am a big fan of beaches and there are so many to be found. Favorites of the North include Tane Mahuta tree up in the very far north tip, and Waitangi Soda Springs hot springs which is somewhat of a best kept secret close to Te Puke. Enjoy your time and safe travels!

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  5. I have done, seen and can recommend so much around New Zealand having emigrated here 6 years ago. I have written a LOT of posts about my travels and adventures, but feel free to explore:
    You are welcome to get in touch if you have any specific queries or want more region specific recommendations. I used the Stray Bus network when I first moved here before I got work and a car allowing independent exploration.
    I hope you have an awesome time whilst you are here in Aotearoa.

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  6. Congrats on celebrating one year! My blog is just about to turn one year old in November, and I can’t wait! Hope you enjoy New Zealand. You should also plan on spending some time in Australia ~ I was there for 3 months and I am happy to give you tips!

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    1. Aw thanks! And congratulations to you as well for having your anniversarry coming up soon too! Yes, we probably will go over to Australia but only for a very short while to Sydney. The rest will have to be for another time 😊 so if you have some tips for Sydney: very welcome!


  7. Congratulations on the New Zealand gig! Sounds exciting! I was hoping to visit there next year (not certain if it will happen or need to be postponed a bit), so I’m looking forward to seeing your posts! 🙂

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