How to improve your travel experience

As with everything in life, travelling can be looked at as a skill you can develop. Something you can improve over time by learning from your own experiences as well as from other people. Throughout our travelling years, the both of us have learned some nifty tricks and hacks to make life on the road easier. Hopefully you get to discover some cool new tricks for your own adventures and we would love to hear some of your travel hacks as well! 😀

1) Take a picture of your luggage

Zak 2 GSMps1.jpg

True, it might not be the prettiest picture you will take on your journey, but it is a very useful one! In case your luggage gets lost at the airport or other public transport, you have something to show the company of what they have to look for. It is also useful if your luggage gets severely damaged and you have to prove what the damages are.

2) Colored ribbon or bag

We all have spent a countless amount of time standing at the baggage claim, waiting for our bag to arrive. To make this even harder, a lot of people own black, grey, … bags that all look alike. To make this easier for yourself: buy a really flashy, colourful bag that you will notice instantly. Obviously, buying a new bag is really expensive and you might just have bought yourself a brand new black bag. In that case: tie a flashy ribbon on the handle or other places around your bag, so you will still notice it’s yours.

3) Put some identification in your luggage

Perhaps not your entire life story, but your email address and your phone number (don’t forget to add the international code!) will go a long way. This way people can contact you when they find your lost luggage.

4) A microfiber towel

Handdoek 1ps1.jpg

If you have to bring a towel along on your trip, you have already discovered that they tend to take up A LOT of space in your bag! You have to bring them along, but they are also a waste of space. That’s why we use microfiber towels when we go abroad. Not only are they superefficient when it comes to packing, they also dry very quick! For example, Lynn used one on her trip to Thailand during the rainy season and it was one of her only items that actually got dry!

5) Scan your important documents

Scan your passport, ID, drivers license… all that jazz and email them to yourself. That way they are always within reach in the unfortunate case you would lose them.

6) Packing cubes!

These are lifesavers if you want to have some organization in your luggage and want to pack as efficiently as possible. You will be able to separate you different kinds of clothing from each other as well as be able to pack a lot more than you normally would! No more messing up your entire bag because you have to find that stupid phone charger. 😉 Plus, you get  to seperate the clean and dirty clothes on each side  of the bag, which is a nice feature!


7) Smart packing

You don’t want to spend any money on packing cubes, but still want to pack efficiently? Instead of folding your clothes: roll them up! They will not get as wrinkled AND you get to fit in way more in your bag. An easy and very useful packing trick.

8) Offline GPS

Maps 1ps1.jpg

We live in a time where almost everyone has a smartphone in their pockets, so you always have a GPS on you. However, while you are travelling, you won’t always have an internet connection. Download a map on your phone from the region you will be exploring and it will be a lot harder for you to get lost! So far we have used the free app MAPS.ME and have absolutely loved it. It will show you where you are and works perfectly as a GPS without any internet connection.

9) No spilling

Something that is really annoying is when your shampoo bottle opens in your bag and spills all over your clothes (not if you use packing cubes though ;)). To avoid this: tape up the cap of the bottle entirely so it’s certainly shut and will stay shut until you need it.

Bank 14ps1.jpg

10) Powerbank

Bring along a powerbank. You never know when the next time will be you get to charge your phone or camera again, therefore it’s very useful to have your own energy supply with you. Just don’t forget to charge that one up from time to time as well. 😉

11) Extra outfit

It is always possible due to certain circumstances that your luggage gets lost during the flight, or it arrives later… And then there you are, stuck at the airport with only the stuff you brought along in your carry-on. In this case it’s always interesting to have another spare outfit in your carry-on luggage, to make sure you don’t have to wear the same clothes for a couple of days.

12) Keep a journal

Boek 2 GSMps1.jpg

This one is more for the fun of it! Keeping a journal is the perfect way to keep on enjoying your trip, even though you are back home. It’s amazing how quick you forget small but enjoyable things. Can you for example remember what you ate yesterday? We have kept a journal on every trip we went on together and it is just so much fun to open it up again and read it together. Laughing at the stuff we laughed at during our trip and get to relive it all over again. It’s somewhat of an effort each day to write down your entire day, but it is so worth it.

There you have it! Some of our travel tips and tricks! 😀 We hope you enjoyed them and that they will prove useful to you in the future. Do you have some travel tips? Please share them in the comments or contact us! We look forward to them! 🙂

30 thoughts on “How to improve your travel experience

  1. Linda

    Here’s another idea for tip #11. I travel with a good friend of mine and we each put an entire outfit in the other’s luggage. Hopefully only one would get lost, lol.

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  2. Yes. I love the Maps.Me app. I actually paid for the app when it first came out and had both pay to use and free to use versions ><. Just be sure to download the relevant maps before travelling.
    Have you tried using Visit A City (either their website or app?) I discussed in one of my posts ( ). I think you may find it as useful as Maps.Me given the free itineraries available there for any average tourist.

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  3. For some reasons I never ID my bag and never put a tag on it (and yes I certainly should, I know), but I have never had any issues finding it. One thing I would always encourage though, is the power bank! On my last trip to Minnesota (where I currently am, link in my blog post), I arrived and my phone was at 1%. The plane was supposed to have charging outlets, but turned out it didn’t. I had to call an Uber but I had to get some charge, and it was super late at night. Did I say I was hungry? I was hungry! Luckily, I had bought a power bank at the airport “just in case!” and it literally saved me.

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  4. I like your journal idea. When I went to England, I kept a journal of all the cultural differences I saw (sayings, food, lifestyle). I’ve gotten out of the habit, but you’ve inspired me to pick it up again!

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  6. Keeping an anti-theft bag also helps! I’ve seen lots of it being sold online. It’s pretty durable too and can carry a decent amount of important wares including documents and laptop. Great post by the way! More power 🙂

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